OGN Friday

Collection of good news snippets to round off the week.

  • Some good news emerging after California's recent wildfires: almost all the magnificent 2,000 year old redwoods survived.

  • The UK city of Leeds will launch its first Festival of Kindness next weekend with organisors seeking to foster unity after years of division. The hope is that it will be a catalyst for a kinder world, and forms the core of the city's mission to spread altruism.

  • Hedonistic Sustainability: Don't you just love that description? It means that a sustainable city is not only better for the environment, it's also more enjoyable for the lives of its citizens. See what they're up to in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city.

  • Texas: One school district in the Lone Star state got free school supplies for all kids from pre-kindergarten to grade 8. When parents found out, they wanted to pay it forward so they got together and bought supplies for the neighbouring district.

  • Planet: Amazing new 3D rotatable interactive globe tracks tectonic plate movements over the last 750 million years and enables you to type in your hometown, pick an epoch of your choice and, hey presto, planet earth at that time is revealed.

  • Europe: New “right to repair” legislation will make household appliance products such as fridges, washing machines and TVs easier to fix across Europe. From 2021, manufacturers will have to make appliances longer-lasting and supply spare parts to independent professional repairers for up to 10 years after the purchase date. It's estimated that the move could reduce energy bills by €20 billion per year in Europe from 2030.

  • Wolverine Recovery: It's nothing to do with the X-Men movie franchise! It's actually another good news story of wildlife recovery.

  • Wales: Imagine it's your first ever day at work and you succeed in rescuing a mother and her one year old child who had been missing for two days. That's what Max, a police dog, managed to do. Happily mother and child are now both safe and warm. Good boy Max!

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