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OGN Friday

Round up of positive news snippets to conclude the week.

  • VW has filed a new trademark for ‘e-Thing’ - hinting at a possible new off-road electric vehicle. Wouldn't it be great to have an updated Dune Buggy?

  • Baz Luhrmann - the Australian movie director and general auteur - had a hit with a song Down Under in 1997 called Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen). It's a 'spoken' song that resonates rather well today (and it's not all about sunscreen!), spiced up by a little tropical music mixed in on this modern YouTube version. Enjoy.

  • The European Space Agency is to launch a multi-armed robotic junk collector into orbit in its first mission to remove space debris circulating around Earth.

  • Europe: Every day huge amounts of food are thrown away as supermarkets offload produce that has passed its best-before date; restaurants, cafés and bakeries dispose of uneaten meals and foods for similar reasons. But wouldn't it be great to live in a world where food produced is food consumed?

  • Norway: Country looks to be on track to meet its target of phasing out the sale of all new fossil fuel-based cars and light commercial vehicles by 2025.

  • Florida Mermaid Reef: Here’s how a rejected nude sculpture became a mission to plant 1,000 mermaids underwater and regenerate marine life.

  • Top Italian football club A.S. Roma is using its extensive social media following to highlight the plight of missing children. Clubs in Italy compete for originality when announcing new player signings, and the three-time Italian champions had previously enjoyed a reputation for quirky humour. New signings are now presented alongside the face of a missing child, with information, a phone number and a video clip. Since June last year six children featured have been found - in Great Britain, Belgium and Kenya.

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