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OGN Tuesday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Snippets of good news to brighten up your Tuesday and keep your week on track.

  • The Art of Caring: To honour frontline workers, portraits for NHS Heroes is a means to commemorate the efforts of health workers in Britain. The project then spread around the world thanks to Instagram and the hashtag #portraitsfornhsheroes.

  • UK: So far this year, renewables have generated more power than all fossil fuels put together.

  • Why don't we all switch to 100% green electricity to accelerate the decline in fossil fuel burning power stations? And help give our planet more of a fighting chance. OGN Daily reviews the top providers in the UK and US.

  • Australia: 'A beautiful change' as New South Wales is in bloom again after drought-breaking rain.

  • Muhammad Ali: Interviewed by Parkinson in the 1970s, the ever eloquent boxer had much to say about black v white. Pity he's not around today for some more wry, tongue in cheek observations.

  • Germany and France reopen borders as Europe emerges from lockdown, with Spain following suit on 21 June.

  • Ireland: The Titanic Quarter in Belfast played host to the first drive-in cinema of its kind in the UK at the weekend, and Grease was the word for those who attended.

  • France: Researchers at the national veterinary school, near Paris, trained Belgian Malinois shepherd dogs to identify the smell of COVID-19, with an astonishing success rate.

  • Space: Report in the Astrophysical Journal says the most likely number of contactable alien civilisations is 36. They may not be little green men. They may not arrive in a vast spaceship. But according to new calculations, this is the likely number of intelligent civilisations in our galaxy capable of communicating with others.

  • India: How the citizens of Salem, one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu (with a population of more than 1 million people) transformed their local environment.

  • England: A couple who have been married for 67 years were reunited this weekend after Joyce, who went into hospital with coronavirus in early May, was discharged with lines of staff cheering her on. Her husband Don, 90, didn’t know he would be reunited with his wife. He said: “You look so wonderful… so beautiful” as staff helped lift Joyce so they could embrace.

  • Royal Ascot: Racing starts from today until Saturday and you can still dress up - even though the races will take place 'behind closed doors' - and you can also make a valuable contribution to charities.

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