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OGN Friday

Concluding the week with a round-up of good news snippets.

  • Massachusetts: The number of bald eagles in the state continues to grow, with nine new nests confirmed this year, including the first on Cape Cod in more than a century.

  • Highest & Lowest: Former astronaut, Kathryn Sullivan, becomes first person to walk in space and dive to lowest ocean depth on earth. How cool is that!?

  • China: Grants pangolins protected status and removes their scales from a list of approved medicine ingredients.

  • France: Coronavirus cases continue to fall despite easing of lockdown.

  • US: Solar capacity will grow 33% in 2020.

  • Royalty: After a calamitous fling with a showgirl, disgraced future King Edward VII was dispatched by his mother, Queen Victoria, on a four month journey through Egypt, the Holy Land and Greece - accompanied by a pioneering photographer.

  • India: College principal rallies his community to serve 10,000 cooked meals to the elderly during 40 days of lockdown in Puducherry, southern India.

  • Washington: America's top general has apologised for appearing alongside Trump when he posed with a Bible outside a church in Washington DC, the latest military official to distance themselves from the president's handling of the protests over racial inequality.

  • X Marks the Spot: Treasure hunters have reacted with shock, delight and disbelief to the news that a chest containing gems, gold and antiques worth up to $2m has been found in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Interesting perspective: Scientists from Imperial College London and University of California–Berkeley both published studies on the impact of emergency health measures across 17 different countries, and both say that lockdown measures saved millions of deaths and was one of 'humanity's greatest achievements'.

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