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Osprey Snatches Shark

A photographer in Delaware captured a remarkable photo of an osprey carrying a shark.

Osprey carrying a shark in its talons
Credit: Stephanie Faust

Stephanie Faust said she was snapping photos at a lookout point near the Delaware Bay when she heard someone nearby shout "Oh wow, I think he has a shark!"

She looked up and caught a glimpse of an osprey soaring through the sky with a shark in its talons. She quickly snapped a couple of photos.

Initially, Faust was displeased with the photos - but she posted one to Facebook anyway. "#SharkWeek haha... wish I was in the right camera setting.... I was focused on one last capture of the lighthouse... and I heard someone say "oh wow...I think he has a shark" looked up and he was over my head," she captioned the now viral photo.

Faust has been a photographer for about 10 years and says: "When you spend time out with nature, you just never know what you're going to see."



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