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OutHorse Your Email

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

"jKwttFqnzgmsrqaaaaa...." For a relaxing vacation, let Iceland's horses take care of work emails for you.

No need to worry about answering work emails while you're on vacation in Iceland. One of the country's communication-savvy horses can do it for you.

A creative campaign from tourism body Visit Iceland promises to "OutHorse Your Email" so you're free to unplug and visit the Nordic country's mountains, waterfalls and fjords - without being interrupted by any pesky work emails.

"Nothing ruins a vacation like an email from your boss," the campaign reads. "Thankfully, Iceland has the perfect solution." That solution involves horses clip-clopping along a giant outdoor keyboard to tell your co-workers you're too busy ''bdqtde'd+pi" to look at their spreadsheets.

You can entrust your email replies to one of three Icelandic horses trained for "OutHorsing." Choose Litla Stjarna, who "types fast, but might take a nap." Another equine employed for the task is "assertive and efficient," with shiny hair. Another is "friendly, trained in corporate buzzwords," and always ready to circle back and create the right synergy.

The campaign also serves to highlight the beauty of Icelandic horses, known for being sure-footed and able to cross rough terrain. Among tourist activities suggested by the OutHorsing campaign is horseback riding in nature. Who knows? Your horse might just email pictures of the experience back to your friends.

Here's the amusing ad:


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