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Terayacht Floating City

What could be more outré than a superyacht? Why, a terayacht of course - a name given to vessels even bigger than super, mega and gigayachts.

The latest luxury boat to hit the 'concept' market is Pangeos - named after Pangea, a supercontinent that existed millions of years ago. This truly vast vessel that could accommodate 60,000 guests would require an equally enormous amount of money to construct: $8 billion.

Little wonder it's so expensive when this, if funded, will become the largest floating structure ever built. Designed by Lazzarini and looking rather like a Bond villain's lair, it's conceived to be 550m (1,800 feet) long, and 610m (2,000 feet) wide. To put that into perspective, it will be roughly twice the size of the Colosseum in Rome.

All images courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio

A full-on "floating city" according to Lazzarini, the yacht will have space for numerous luxury apartments, hotels, shopping malls, parks and even ports for smaller ships and aircraft to get guests there in style. And style there will be, given that it's shaped like a turtle.

It'd have a massive 30m (98 feet) of draft and be able to cruise at a speed of five knots - although the "wings" would draw energy from the drag and waves breaking against the ship. The roof would have solar panels to power the yacht.

Rather than operating out of a particular port or having a set itinerary, Pangeos would simply cruise around, making the journey the destination. Of course, there's the not so small matter of raising $8 billion first...

Maldives floating city - aerial view

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