Peace by Chocolate

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We've all heard the expression Death by Chocolate, but how about this heart-warming variation?

Partnering with the Canadian media company Goodable, to reward people who are showing acts of kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic, Antigonish, a chocolate maker in Canada's Nova Scotia, ships one-month supply to people who do good deeds during the pandemic!

By tagging @Goodable on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people can share how they or someone they know is spreading kindness in their community. At the end of each day, winners are chosen to receive "a full month's supply" of chocolates from Peace by Chocolate.

"There are amazing acts of kindness taking place everyday in neighbourhoods across the country," says Muhammad Lila, the founder of Goodable.

In an interview with The Chronicle Herald, Lila said Goodable struck up the partnership with Peace by Chocolate founder Tareq Hadhad because he and his family-owned company "represent what is the best of Canada."

"To us, Tareq represents a lot of what's amazing about Canada - a refugee who came here with nothing, built up a successful business, has an amazing product, he does so much for the local community, he does so much to support entrepreneurship, so much to support refugees, and we thought, what better partner can we find than Peace by Chocolate?"

Peace by Chocolate had already started sending boxes filled with chocolate and other sweets to thank health care workers, but jumped at the opportunity to reach even more Canadians through Goodable.