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Thursday's Positive News

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Today's uplifting collection of positive news nuggets to put a spring in your step.

Borrowdale Banksy

A wonderful new piece of art has appeared in the Cumbria countryside in north west England from a mystery artist who has been dubbed the "countryside Banksy". The 5ft high and 5ft wide stone ring is believed to have been created by the same person who created other similar sculptures that have previously appeared on hilltops. Nearby communities love their local hero and have labelled the new work as the "Borrowdale Banksy", as the artist is still a mystery. See OGN's feature from May 2021 for more of his or her magical stone sculptures.

Loggerhead turtle
Record Numbers

The US state of Georgia has just officially hit its record for sea turtle nests, with 3,966 nests recorded, reports CNN. Jekyll Island was a particular hot spot for sea turtle nests this nesting season. There were 236 sea turtle nests recorded on the island, the highest ever recorded. And the really good news is that more than 6,000 baby loggerheads have hatched from those nests. The nesting loggerhead sea turtle population in Georgia has increased by around 4 percent each year since the 90s, says the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Brazil Booze Ban

After a decade of debate, Brazil’s Drink-Driving Law is now in force and all drivers must now have a blood-alcohol content of zero. Alcohol has been attributed to nearly 10 percent of all road deaths, which are the leading killer of children aged 5 and 14. This legislation will make a big difference.


Adjective: soon passing out of sight or existence. A bubble is evanescent as it floats quickly out of sight.


7/11 Day Baby

Parents Johntez Brown and Rachel Langford of St. Louis, MO, were overjoyed at the birth of their baby girl, J’Aime Brown, who was born on 7/11 at 7.11 pm, weighing 7 lbs 11 ounces. Also known as 7-Eleven Day - but with multiple extra ingredients! When they heard the incredible news, officials at the 7-Eleven convenience store chain reach out and provided the family with goodies for their newborn. They also pledged $7,111 to J’Aime’s college fund “to honor her entry to the world”.⁠

Good Progress

China sold 565,000 new plugin vehicles in June this year - 28 percent of market share. Fully electric vehicles alone accounted for 22 percent of new auto sales. If electrification continues at this pace, sales of new cars in the largest automotive market in the world will be majority electric within the next three years, reports CleanTechnica.

Meanwhile, India's state-run energy transition company is planning a $10 billion tender for 50,000 electric buses to help the world's third largest emitter decarbonize public transport. Its managing director, Mahua Acharya, says the country could electrify all its two-wheelers and public buses within the next seven years, reports Bloomberg.

In Europe, German steel producer Salzgitter has committed $723 million to the first stage of decarbonizing its business - representing 1 percent of all Germany’s carbon emissions - by 2033. It's the largest investment in green steel to date (larger investments have been announced by rival steelmakers LKAB, SSAB and ArcelorMittal, but that funding has yet to be approved), says Recharge News.

Quote of the Day

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” David Brinkley

On this Day

11 August 1942: American actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil received a patent for an electronic device that minimized the jamming of radio signals; it later became a component of satellite and cellular phone technology.

Tonight's the Night

One of the best shows in the solar system hits its peak tonight as the annual Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky. Read on...

Silly Sausage

Renowned physicist has apologised over his (most would say) hilarious prank of posting a ‘planet’ photo which was actually slice of chorizo. Read on...

Mood Booster

Child prodigies across the globe come together to Heal The World!

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