Who is the Borrowdale Banksy?

Hunt is on for mystery Lake District artist who has stunned locals with amazing slate sculptures.

The hunt is on for a mysterious artist who has stunned locals in England's Lake District with amazing slate sculptures. One circular structure, which frames the Borrowdale Valley, is made from local slate and created by a 'very talented and patient individual'.

The artist has been compared to Banksy by localss because nobody knows who made the mystery structures. A number of hikers have shared images online after spotting them while out walking.

Carl Halliday, who runs a mountaineering business in the area, first spotted the circular formation at the beginning of May. The 50-year-old from Alnwick, Northumberland, said: 'I usually have mixed feelings about man-made structures like this in a natural setting - as climbers, we practise a minimal impact approach. But I have to say that this was different.

It seemed sensitive to the existing environment and complemented the already stunning views.'

'It seemed to be constructed from local slate and, after all, the fells aren't completely natural - with dry stone walls stretching for miles.' Mr Halliday said he was impressed with the way the structure blended with its surroundings 'despite being a new and man-made piece of art'.

The local village hall, the Borrowdale Institute, said on Twitter: 'Do we have our very own Banksy in Borrowdale? These works of art are turning up on fells and Crags all around here, not sure how many there are, a very talented patient individual has been very busy in lockdown. Whoever you/they are please carry on, we want more.'



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