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Proposal: Engagement Ring Found After Tornado

Man immediately proposes after lost engagement ring miraculously found in tornado debris.

Celebration after engagement ring found in tornado debris
Credit: Shelby Shelton | Facebook

This is a story from Texas, out of an aptly named town called Hopewell, and provides a ray of light after a very dark time. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that on 4 November a tornado destroyed the home of Dakota Hudson and his girlfriend, Lauren Patterson. The couple rode it out in the bathroom and when they emerged from hiding, their home was destroyed.

After checking in on their neighbors, Hudson realized that the engagement ring he bought for Patterson was lost among the debris. “Needle in a haystack doesn’t come close to what we were looking for,” Hudson said.

A Junior League softball team kindly stopped by the property to see if Hudson and Patterson needed help with the cleanup. Hudson was much more concerned about finding the lost engagement ring and asked the team to please help him find it.

“When you tell 20 girls someone is going to get engaged if they find a ring, they are going to find it,” Hudson told KXII. Outfielder Kate Rainey miraculously found the ring, stuck in the mud, seven feet from where it was hidden in the house by Hudson.

When the ring was found, Hudson decided it was absolutely the right moment to propose and, much to the delight of everyone at the scene, Patterson accepted.


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