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Putin Huylo

Updated: May 25, 2022

Mockery of an invader is helping to maintain morale - and an expression for which there is no polite translation has gained traction since the start of the Ukraine war.

Putin-Huylo branded beer label
Credit: Pravda Beer

A brand of beer, a chant and a hashtag on social media, "Путін-хуйло", pronounced "Putin-Khuylo" (or "Putin-Huylo"), is a catchphrase that pokes fun and expresses anger at Vladimir Putin in equal measure.

Those of a sensitive disposition may want to turn away now, but the phrase could be rendered as "Putin's a d***head" - although it carries rather more vitriol in Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian.

"Think of the worst, most obscene possible expression for a very bad person - and that's the word you need," American-born Russian translator, Michele Berdy told Newsweek. The phrase "Putin-Huylo" originated in 2014 when Russia seized Crimea.

If you live in the state of Virginia, it's now possible to enjoy quaffing the Putin-Huylo branded beer. The anti-Putin label (which shows a naked Putin sitting on a throne, with a diminutive Dmitry Medvedev on his lap) is the flagship beer of the Pravda Brewery in Lviv, western Ukraine, which had to close at the beginning of Mad Vlad's 'special military operation'. However, an enterprising collection of breweries in Virginia have now partnered to produce the beer to raise money to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


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