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Rolls Royce to Power Vertical Take-Off eCraft

Vertical’s Urban Air Mobility craft is seeking to revolutionise short-range, emissions-free air travel.

Last summer, OGN reported on Vertical Aeraspace's electric flying taxi and, in good news for the fledgling company, it has now agreed a deal with Rolls-Royce to provide it with electric power systems for its vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Vertical’s Urban Air Mobility aircraft hopes to break into the new market for emissions-free small aircraft, which could revolutionise short-range travel.

A Rolls electrical power system will be integrated into Vertical’s piloted electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, which will carry up to four passengers for 120 miles at cruise speeds of over 200mph. It is on course to gain certification for flight by 2024, reports The Telegraph.

Around 150 Rolls engineers are working with Vertical (in Bristol, south west England), which has already flown prototypes and aims to have a early version of its aircraft flying this year. The value of the deal was not disclosed but Rolls Royce is clearly trying to position itself as a key player in emission-free electric powered aviation.

A few days ago OGN reported that Rolls completed taxiing tests of its electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation, which it hopes will set a new air speed record this summer. It hopes to hit 300mph, almost 100mph faster than the current record for an electrically powered aircraft.


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