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Sleep Date Night

Most of us are having trouble sleeping in these turbulent times, so why not try this good idea...

Many people are rubbish sleepers. On average, UK adults sleep six and a half hours a night - easily below the seven to eight hours that we need to function at our best. You’ve heard the reasons before (busy lives, bedroom phone use, yadda yadda, yawn yawn), but have you ever thought of having a Sleep Date Night to help redress the balance?

That’s an idea suggested by Dr Guy Meadows, the co-founder of The Sleep School, who says it is a better approach than the common technique of trying to catch up on lost sleep with weekend lie-ins. “Most of us deprive ourselves of sleep during the week and catch up at the weekend. But a big lie-in makes us feel worse; it gives us jet lag. If you usually get up at 7am and lie in on Saturday until midday, you’re now on New York time.”

“Instead, aim to have a midweek catch-up night. Make a thing of it. Put new sheets on the bed, dine early, wind down and get the biological sleep you need: seven to eight hours, plus an extra 30 minutes.”

That extra 30 minutes - a heavenly treat to your body - will help you catch up on lost sleep without sending your body clock halfway around the world.



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