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StudioCanal Presents

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In good news for those looking for something a little different from a streaming service, a healthy mix of classics, crowdpleasers and less obvious gems, from Don’t Look Now to Logan Lucky, bodes well for the French company’s new offering.

Canal+ Logo

To those of us already signed up for a veritable buffet of streaming services – all with monthly subscription fees that are modest individually, but somewhat hefty as a collective – the announcement of a new one prompts obvious questions. Does this one offer you something substantial you don’t get from those ones? Which one can you live without to make room for a newcomer? Or are you willing to simply add it to the growing pile?

With all this in mind, StudioCanal’s new platform, StudioCanal Presents, has a stronger selling point than most. In its 34-year history, the Paris-based distributor and production company has built up one of the largest film libraries in the world, digging into the vaults of everything from Ealing Studios to Studio Ghibli. StudioCanal Presents, available for £4.99 via the Apple TV app (with a week-long free trial for the 'not yet sure'), has been built to show off those wares.

It launched recently with a selection of more than 100 titles from its library, with more to be added on a monthly basis, many of them exclusive to the platform. Worth a try?


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