OGN Sunday

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Collection of news snippets from around the world to brighten your day.

  • Several snow leopards, including a mother and her cub, have been spotted near the Kazakh city of Almaty wandering through areas vacated by humans due to lockdown.

  • Almost as sensitive as real human eyes, a recent paper in Nature published the trials of a bionic eye developed by a team of robotics engineers that could restore sight to an estimated 285 million blind people, within the next 5 years.

  • Ever wondered what would happen if everyone switched to electric cars? Here's the answer.

  • London hospital workers wear larger photo ID badges to reassure patients. Staff at London Health Sciences Centre clip the bigger photos of themselves dressed casually and smiling to the outside of their PPE, so patients can see what they look like underneath.

  • Italy: Borders reopen to international tourists on 3 June (when mandatory self-isolation measures for arrivals will also be lifted). Bars, restaurants, non-essential shops and museums are open.

  • The “future of work” is here. Jason Wingard, dean of Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies, and a professor of human capital management, spends his time looking at the 'future of work' and explains what he thinks will happen.

  • Belgium: Humans come in one-by-one, as Pairi Daiza - European Zoo of the Year (multiple times) - returns to life.

  • Europe: The EU's massive green recovery package sets a marker for the world, showing the way to rebuild economies in the post-covid world.

  • Pigeon racing will be the first spectator sport to return to Britain as lockdown is eased. On Monday, 4,000 pigeons will travel around 70 miles from Leicester to Barnsley - and fans just need a pair of binoculars to watch.