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Super-Plants Remove Vastly More Household Pollutants

A company in France has developed genetically-enhanced houseplants that remove 30 times more indoor air pollutants than traditional houseplants.

Super-plants capable of removing household VOCs
Credit: Neoplants

There's a host of things that can fill the air you breathe in your home with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that aren't good for you. Even simple things like paint and household cleaners. The best way to tackle this oft neglected issue is by keeping your home properly ventilated but, even then, air-cleaning houseplants can still be a good idea - as per OGN's article Plants for a Healthier Home.

So, a company called Neoplants has decided to turbo-charge this process by making simple alterations to certain species’ genetic makeup in order to multiply its cleaning ability.

Neoplants’ team have engineered a houseplant to enhance their ability to absorb and process VOCs. Their first offering - the Neo P1 - is a Devil’s ivy plant that sits on a custom-designed tall stand that both maximizes its air-cleaning properties and allows it to be watered far less often.

Initial testing, conducted by the Ecole Mines-Telecom of Lille University, shows that if you do choose to shell out the $179 for the Neo P1, it’s as if you were buying 30 houseplants. Of course, if you went for the budget route of 30 houseplants, you’d have to water them all.

Plants are expected to be available next summer, but you can join the waiting list now.

If you don't want to wait for VOC gobbling greenery, see Plants for a Healthier Home

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