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Taxi Late? Here's $50

Uber to give users a $50 credit if their scheduled rides don’t show up.

How often have you booked a cab, a considerable time in advance because you're being organised and you need to get to the airport or an important meeting, and the damn thing shows up late? Or, it turns up on time and you're running 10 minutes late packing your bag, and get charged as the car waits for you outside.

OK, so the advent of Uber and other clever, trackable ride-hailing services put an end to most of this angst, but now Uber is going one step further in its struggle to attract customers back to its service. As of now, in a number of US cities, Uber customers whose scheduled rides are late will get a consolation prize: a $50 credit. The sweetener is part of Uber Reserve, the latest evolution of Uber’s scheduled ride programme. It lets passengers arrange a ride up to a month in advance, with an on-time guarantee.

Furthermore, customers who schedule a ride now get a 15 minute grace period to meet their car. But if drivers are even a minute late, passengers get a credit in their Uber account that they can spend on future rides.

Let's hope this initiative is rolled out everywhere Uber operates.

Source: Fortune

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