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Tesla Fills Up With Data at EV Pumps

GM and Ford's recent decision to utilize Tesla's Supercharger stations not only cements Tesla as the leading provider of charging stations, but it also provides the company with unique and far reaching access to data on rival automakers.

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While GM, Ford and no doubt, others, are certainly aware of what they’re giving up, Tesla’s first-mover status in developing a quick-charging network may have solidified its place as the industry standard in powering the transformation to electric, reports TheFutureCrunch.

Following a series of price cuts to accelerate vehicle sales, Tesla’s decision to open up its charging stations to other automakers will come with lucrative benefits, reports Insider.

Other than charging, Tesla superchargers collect a lot of data about the EVs they’re powering via its unique five-prong NACS system.

What kind of data? Everything from engine performance, battery capabilities, braking system efficiency, and how often things like AC are used.

With 20,000 chargers spread across 1,800 stations and counting (incorporating Tesla chargers are required to receive federal grants), Tesla will have a lot of data to play with and analyze.

Armed with that data, Tesla can not only improve its cars and Autopilot feature (which relies on vast amounts of information), but it can also sell that data to utility companies or charging station builders.

With the automotive data market expected to hit $800 billion by the end of the decade, Tesla may make more money from the data it collects than the cars it manufactures.


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