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Little Electric Truck America Needs to Want

Telo is a new American EV company setting out to build a small, modular, electric truck in a country filled with monolithic workhorses like Ford’s F-150 pickup. But even though Telo’s truck will be mini and cute, it’s still apparently work-capable - the company claims it’s got “Toyota Tacoma capability,” but in the footprint of a Mini Cooper. That’s just about 152 inches.

Telo Truck compared to a Toyota Tacoma
Telo Truck compared to a Toyota Tacoma | Credit: Telo

The Telo, like electric vehicles in general, can easily be compacted since it doesn’t need an engine bay up front and gas tank somewhere in the back. Instead, the batteries that power it can be stored in the floor and motors. Like many EVs, the Telo is promised to be very quick: it can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4 seconds, and has a top speed of 125mph.

With that saved real estate, the Telo can accommodate seating for five and still have a five-foot bed behind them.

Telo is still in its early stages with nothing but renders to show so far. However, the company has a working prototype that it will be showing off this month to demonstrate the truck’s capabilities. After that, the vehicle will “enter validation and homologation process.” It’s promising a little truck that could be exactly what many Americans need for light-duty jobs or wilderness escapes - rather than yet another big burly pickup truck.

The Telo Truck has a base price of $49,999 before any possible subsidies. It’s available for preorder now for $152.00 - one dollar per inch for the length of the car. The deposit is fully refundable.



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