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Text Abbreviations You Should Know

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Knowing the meaning of these verbal shortcuts will keep anyone with a phone, social media, or even just web access, from being constantly confused in the digital world!

Lots of different text abbreviations.

IDK: Perfectly describes the theme of this article, because it literally means “I don’t know,” which is exactly how you felt about all these text abbreviations before you learned what they stood for.

LOL: Perhaps the most ubiquitous texting acronym that non-millennials may once have used for 'lots of love' but is now the acronym for 'laughing out loud' and is used to express even the mildest amusement.

ROFL: You’re most likely not literally “rolling on the floor laughing” when you use this abbreviation, but it’s still a bit stronger an indicator of mirth than LOL. Usually, it’s a standalone response to something funny.

YOLO: Short for “you only live once,” YOLO is a rallying cry for living life to the fullest and all that that entails, especially in the social media sphere. Ordering a pizza when you “should” be ordering a salad? YOLO! Going bungee jumping for the first time? YOLO!

NBD: You’ve definitely seen this one all over the Internet and via text, but what does it mean? Well, wonder no more: It’s short for “no big deal.” It’s one of the most commonly used text abbreviations and fits just about everywhere.

ILY: Short for “I love you.” This is, needless to say, a pretty casual way to say those words, so maybe avoid saying them for the first time (or even second, or third) to your significant other in this way.

OMW: If you’re still blow-drying your hair but were supposed to be at dinner ten minutes ago, try texting your significant other something like “OMW, see you soon.” OMW means “on my way” and is often used when you’re not even really on your way…but will be soon.

NVM: Two words, three letters: NVM is short for “never mind.” You’d use it much in the same way you use the phrase in real life: “What was that restaurant we went to last week???” *five minutes later* “NVM, I found it!”

IRL: This is a great one because it’s often a relationship builder. It means “in real life” (as opposed to online or over the phone), and is great for saying things like “Would love to see you soon IRL!”

FOMO: Means “fear of missing out.” FOMO is what you feel when you see your BFFs (that’s “best friends forever,” or so you thought, apparently) out partying, and you weren’t invited (or simply couldn’t make it).

ICYMI: This one might’ve confused you on Facebook or Instagram, but it’s a pretty useful text abbreviation to have handy as it just means “in case you missed it.”

TLDR: Means “too long, didn’t read,” and is a common response to long-winded, rambling opinion pieces.

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