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The First Electric Ferrari Will Have 'Authentic' Roar

The Italian marque wants enthusiasts to know that its first battery-powered model will be a true Prancing Horse.

Illustration of Ferrari's first EV
Credit: Ferrari

Ferrari’s first EV is expected to debut in late 2025. Little is known about the project at this point, but in an interview with Drive last week, the company’s product marketing and marketing intelligence director Emanuele Carando said it is intent on building a vehicle that produces the same sensation as one of its internal combustion engine sports cars.

“Whenever we talk about a car, we talk about the driving thrills, which is a combination of power, force, weight, brakes [and] sound,” the executive told the Australian publication. Adding that the sound is "always authentic in a Ferrari."

Carando also revealed that they were not endeavouring to create a new kind of Ferrari - the marque wants to build a true Prancing Horse, just with an electric powertrain. Because of this, drivers shouldn’t expect to see a huge jump in acceleration or power from the EV - at least not at first. Performance is paramount, but so are design, driving feel, and sound. Carando didn’t detail how the company planned to recreate the roar of one of its fabled V-12s but was adamant that the upcoming EV would sound just like the brand’s other vehicles.

As you might expect, Ferrari isn't the only automaker planning to incorporate exhaust / engine sounds in its cars. Dodge’s upcoming battery-powered Charger Daytona will feature a synthetic “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust” system that will mimic the sounds created in its past muscle cars. And there are now numerous third party 'add ons' that can be fitted to most other EVs on the roads today.

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Jun 17

Why can't we embrace less noise? I'm not cheered by the noise of a Ferrari! I live on an A road and less traffic noise would be welcome. Many people find loud noise traumatic. However if it were artificial sound at a reasonable sound level for all EVs for safety reasons, I would find that acceptable.

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