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The Japanese Art of Mukimono

It's the tradition of carving fruit and vegetables into elaborate, intricate garnishes.

The origins of vegetable carving are disputed: some believe it to have begun in Japan in ancient times, others believe it to have begun in Thailand 700 years ago, while still others believe that vegetable carving originated in the time of the Tang dynasty (AD 618 - 906) in China.

Whatever the true origin, there is no doubt that Takehiro Kishimoto - also known as Gaku - is a master of this craft in Japan. Using specialized blades and tools designed for fruit carving, the artist is able to achieve incredible detail in his work, and his Instagram feed is filled with incredible photos and videos of the fish, dragons, and birds he crafts from fruit and vegetables.

Here are a few for you to marvel at...

Carrot carved to look like a dragon's head

Cucumber shaped to look like a fish

Carrot carved to look like a bird

Broccoli shaped to resemble a dragon's head

Squash shaped to resemble a bird

Broccoli carved into a fish


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