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The Upside

A few quick facts to make you feel happier and more optimistic.

  • Bluebells still look gorgeous in the woods.

  • More than half a million people have recovered.

  • Unexpected blessing: clean air.

  • Record collapse in carbon emissions.

  • Nobody objects if 'drinks time' starts a bit earlier.

  • In almost all the worst affected countries, the number of new cases reported each day is falling.

  • Over £20m. The amount you can raise by walking around your garden.

  • Letterbox-shaped products come into their own.

  • Pop-up bike lanes – a coronavirus innovation.

  • Having a good crisis: the bidet.

  • Online courses booming as people expand their minds.

  • UK furlough scheme will now run until the end of June.

  • Amsterdam becomes first city in the world to adopt a new model for changing economic strategy from growth to thriving, and connecting bodily health to planetary health.

  • Free night time entertainment: the Lyrid meteor shower will peak late on 21 April and early the following morning. 

  • Maybe, just maybe, remdesivir is the drug that can kill the coronavirus.

  • Panic averted in Canada, where national pot smoking day on 20 April, called 420, looked like being, well, rather short of weed, man.

  • The stuck-at-home are keen to improve themselves. Kettlebells and yoga mats are selling like toilet paper.

  • Boom in online videos, like How to Explain Today to Your Past Self

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