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The World’s Best Drone Photos 2024

Watch any travel or nature documentary and you'll see it: breathtaking drone shots of aerial landscapes. That's because drone imagery is fast becoming one of the most inventive photography disciplines around.

For this reason, the Siena Drone Photo Awards were set up to celebrate the best in aerial photography. The shortlist for this year's competition has just been announced and features the best images over the past 12 months.

OGN features a handful of its favourites, but if you want to see all 27 of this year's finalists, just click the link at the end of this page. The winners of this year's competition will be revealed at the opening ceremony of the Siena Awards 2024 on 28 September.


First up, an extraordinary aerial view of nature's artistry in Iceland's highlands. Grooves, rivers, and vegetation converge to form a tree-like pattern, showcasing nature's creativity as it paints an intricate artwork against the rugged Icelandic landscape.

Aerial view Iceland landscape
Isabella Tabacchi/Siena Photo Awards


Captured after months of meticulous planning and waiting for the perfect weather conditions, this shot showcases Europe's tallest skyscraper - Lakhta Center, Russia.

Lakhta Center, Russia
Yuriy Stolypin/Siena Photo Awards


The Qiantang River carves out large, tree-like ravines on the mudflat, while the Jiashao Bridge extends into the East China Sea, resembling a Chinese dragon in the ocean.

Qiantang River, China
Sheng Jiang/Siena Photo Awards


The village of Kargapazari in the Bingol province of Turkey is blanketed with a layer of white snow during the intense winter season. From an aerial drone perspective, the village resembles an abstract painting.

Turkish village of Kargapazari
Huseyin Karahan/Siena Photo Awards


Cranberries are a fruit native to Massachusetts, USA. Numerous cranberry bogs dot the landscape across the state's southeastern region. The image here shows an annual fall harvest.

Cranberry harvest in Massachusetts, USA
Brad Weiner/Siena Photo Awards


On the 78th anniversary of Plaza México, more than 42,000 people witness the final minute of a bullfight. Located in the heart of Mexico City, Plaza México is the largest bullring in the world.

Bull fight in Mexico City
Roberto Hernandez/Siena Photo Awards


The amazing natural beauty of the Icelandic landscape.

Contrasting dunes in Iceland
Brynjar Agustsson/Siena Photo Awards


The unique and captivating geological formations of Factory Butte, Utah, USA. The low light in this image highlights the amazing texture of the rock surface.

Geological formations of Factory Butte, Utah
Xiaoying Shi/Siena Photo Awards

Want to see some more of the finalists in the Siena Photo Awards? Click here.

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