Good News Today

Wednesday's collection of good news nuggets.

  • A benefit concert, played to an audience of fully vaccinated frontline workers in the in Los Angeles, was broadcast in 100 countries last week. It succeeded in raising over $300 million in funding and over 26 million individual Covid-19 vaccine doses for the world’s most marginalized communities, and their health care workers in need of support. The concert featured speeches by Vax Live campaign chair Prince Harry, along with performances from Jennifer Lopez and Foo Fighters, amongst many others. You can watch the top clips from the show, here.

  • UK garden centres will be banned from selling peat-based compost under Government plans to protect the natural world and limit carbon emissions. Legally binding targets to protect numbers of at-risk animals such as red squirrels and hedgehogs by 2030 will also be unveiled alongside the trebling of tree planting by the end of 2024. "We hope that this will be the Net Zero equivalent for nature, spurring action of the scale required to address the biodiversity crisis," says the Environment Secretary.

  • Joe Biden plans to send an additional 20 million doses of U.S. vaccines abroad by the end of June. He will shortly announce the export of 20 million doses of vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna, on top of 60 million AZ doses he had already planned to give to other countries, according to an official familiar with the plan.

  • More than 90 percent of Brits develop antibodies to coronavirus after having one dose of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines, and almost 100% do so after their second jab, research shows. The findings, based on a study of 8,517 people in England and Wales, are the latest evidence to show that the two mainstays of Britain’s vaccine drive are proving highly effective.

  • A luxury cruise ship which usually ferries tourists along the Baltic coast is set to house more than 1,000 police officers protecting world leaders at next month's G7 summit in Cornwall, south-west England. The police have hired the Silja Europa for the duration of the event in between June 11 and 13. The ship comes with seven restaurants, nightclub, live music venue and spa - but they're keeping the bars shut!

Millionaires protest, but not in the way you may expect - as they support the idea of higher taxes for the super-rich. A group of millionaires took to the streets this week, protesting in front of homes in New York and Washington owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, the richest man in the world. The protest organized by Patriotic Millionaires, a coalition of wealthy individuals, are pushing for progressive policy changes. In the meantime, Bezos nabs James Bond in an audacious swoop on MGM.

A breakthrough human trial achieved highly significant results and an excellent safety record, demonstrating that MDMA-assisted therapy can be an effective treatment for severe and chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). At the end of the phase 3 trial, two thirds of participants who received three MDMA-assisted therapy sessions no longer even qualified for a PTSD diagnosis - and 88 percent experienced a clinically meaningful reduction in symptoms. That's great news for evreryone involved!

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Uneven bars comdey routine

At the 1983 Womens NCAA Gymnastic Championships at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Paul (Paulina) Hunt performs on the uneven bars.