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OGN Wednesday

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Mid-week collection of uplifting news nuggets to brighten the day.

Basic Obedience Graduate certificate for a dog
Funny Tweet

Whilst Twitter seems to have lurched to the right under Elon Musk's leadership and misinformation is being given free reign, it's good to know that every now and then there's an hilarious gem of a post, like this one from a clearly disappointed but highly amused dog owner.

First Gen iPhone

A first generation 4GB model of the Apple iPhone from 2007 has sold for $190,372 at auction in the US. The device was first released by the then Apple CEO Steve Jobs and retailed at a starting price of $499, but was discontinued just two months later amid disappointing sales figures. Consumers mostly favoured the 8GB model - launched at the same time with extra storage capacity but priced at around $100 more. Described by LCG Auctions as "one of the most important and ubiquitous inventions of our lifetime", the auction of the "exceedingly rare" factory-sealed 4GB model has set a new benchmark. Talking of auctions...

Black Sheep

The 'black sheep' pullover worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, has gone on display behind protective glass at Sotheby's in London. It's expected to fetch more than £80,000 ($105,000) when it goes under the hammer next month at the auction house's New York outpost.

Good News for Millions

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has struck a deal to allow generic versions of its tuberculosis drug, bedaquiline, to be supplied to low-income countries. In good news for millions of people, J&J’s decision will allow the Stop TB Partnership coalition to procure and supply generic bedaquiline to 44 low- and middle-income countries through its Global Drug Facility.

Bronze Age petroglyphs discovered in Sweden
The Foundation for Documentation of Bohuslän's Rock Carvings
Sweden Petroglyphs

Cave art records the adventures of early humans - whether it be hunting beasts, building boats, or making handprints on the walls. It can also tell archeologists a lot about the economies and beliefs of Bronze Age communities. While this art form mainly died out after the invention of writing, a late example from 2,700 years ago has just been discovered on a farm in Sweden. Forty petroglyphs have emerged from underneath a layer of moss covering a massive boulder that was once coastal.

More Price Drops

In good news for US buyers of electric trucks, Ford is cutting prices of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup trucks by almost $10,000 in what analysts describe as an aggressive attempt to gain market share. The 17 percent price drop places the cheapest electric F-150 nearly in line with the average price of $47,490 for all new cars ― considered an important affordability milestone as legacy automakers work to move away from fossil fuels. It follows a similar price drop from Tesla that put its Model Y in the same price range, and it closely coincides with the long-delayed launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck pickup. Although, it may be wise not to buy any of these vehicles if you live in France...


Strange But True

Picture a bird’s nest. Chances are, what comes to mind is a woven basket of twigs and plant fibers - you might not imagine a crown of metal spines. But that’s exactly how some crows and magpies in Europe have started styling their nests. These clever corvids have commandeered anti-bird spikes - the long strips of needle-like rods used to repel birds from roosting on rooftops, doorframes or other human-made structures - and begun using them as nesting material, according to a new paper published this week in the National History Museum Rotterdam’s journal Deinsea.


"The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom." Lady Bird Johnson

On this Day

19 July 1848: The women's suffrage movement in the United States was launched with the opening of the Seneca Falls Convention, which sought to gain certain rights and privileges for women, notably the right to vote.


Mood Booster

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford lose it at hilarious interview about their film 'Blade Runner 2049'


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