Try The Radio Garden

If you enjoy a variety of music and don't feel the need to carefully curate every track you listen to, you may really appreciate the options offered by Radio Garden. Worldwide travel for your ears!

The Radio Garden website is delightfully simple to use. It’s basically like Google Earth for radio - when you open either the website or companion app, you see an image of the globe, with tons of green dots sprinkled across pretty much every country. Anywhere you see a green dot, that’s a local radio station you can start playing.

To start blasting tunes from Moscow to Tehran to Mumbai to Sydney to San Diego, just hit a green dot and see what stations come up (and there’s also a kind of “See more” option that lets you toggle through all the different available local radio stations in that vicinity).

This free Internet service has actually been around for a few years now, but it now feels like the perfect antidote to today's lockdown malaise. It's a must-check-out for music fans and something that definitely makes the world seem a lot smaller and a whole lot more connected right now.

Travel with your ears and explore the radio stations of the world with Radio Garden

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