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Ultra-Luxe Boutique-Scale Cruising

As most operators vie for the title of world's biggest cruise ship, Four Seasons - the luxury hotel brand - is taking a different approach.

Rendering of the new Four Seasons Yacht
Four Seasons Yacht | Credit: Four Seasons

Currently, Wonder of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship. It's a whopping 362 metres (1,188 ft) long, 64 metres (210 ft) wide, with 2,867 cabins - capable of carrying up to 6,988 passengers. Four Seasons' luxury yacht will have just 95 suites, including two vast suites - one of which has the largest piece of contiguous glass at sea and cost $4.5 million to build and install.

There's no word yet of expected prices for cruising on the Four Seasons vessel, but it's fair to say that it will be on the expensive end of the cruising price-point spectrum. But, if you don't want the crowds, this boutique ocean-going luxury yacht is the place for you.

The suites offer an average of about 580 square feet of space and comes with its own private veranda. No matter where guests stay there's sure to be plenty of pampering, with crew set to outnumber the amount of passengers on the ship.

Rendering of the new Four Seasons Yacht's swimming pool
Credit: Four Seasons

Sure to be just as stunning are the public spaces throughout the yacht, says Conde Nast Traveler. On the vessel’s aft deck will be a pool area, featuring lounge chairs and a large 66-foot pool, which is modeled after Aristotle Onassis’ famous yacht Christina O. The pool’s clever design its saltwater to be quickly filled or emptied, thereby enabling its floor to be raised level with the deck and provide a multi-purpose space for events like parties or weddings on board.

When anchored, the Four Seasons Yacht will have an innovative marina, built especially for swimming and water sports. Activities like sailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing will be offered, as well as “rentable custom crafted sea limousines designed for transfers and coastal grand touring.”

In a first-of-its-kind design, the marina area will stretch the entire width of the ship and include large platforms and tiered lounging decks for relaxing in the sun after splashing in the water. Overlooking the marina will be a sophisticated lounge with al fresco seating, the perfect spot for cocktails at sundown.

As far as itineraries, Four Seasons will prioritize exploring destinations traditionally popular with private yachts, including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Reservations for the first voyages are expected to open shortly. Why not join the online waiting list?

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