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Vegas Pizzeria Went From Zero to Hero Almost Overnight

After a TikTok food review, family-owned pizzeria becomes a Las Vegas hot spot. It just took one video to turn around Frankenson's fortunes.

Frank Steele opened his pizzeria in Las Vegas last year, and had been struggling to attract customers. "I was lucky if I did $400 a day," he told KTNV. That changed after one of his employees contacted TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee, letting him know that the pizzeria's food was incredible, but if people didn't start coming in, they wouldn't be able to make rent.

Lee agreed to come in for a review, paying for his own meal. "This taste test is to really see: Is it really the marketing, or is the food bad?" he told Today.

While at the restaurant, he met Steele, and they had a long conversation about food and the business. "Frank was so dope," Lee said. In his TikTok, Lee was honest, praising the pizza, Italian sub, and lemon pepper chicken wings, deeming them some of "the best wings I've ever."

When the phone immediately started to ring and customers began flooding into Frankenson's, Steele had no idea it was because of Lee's video, which has had millions of views.

Steele is now having to deal with running out of food, rather than having too much, and he is thankful for Lee and his new customers. "It's just been overwhelming," he told KTNV. "It's been a blessing. This restaurant has been a dream of mine for 30 years."

You can't say that social media doesn't have its advantages!



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