Virus-Free Zone in London

Updated: May 7, 2020

Residents of an island in the Thames might be living in the only virus-free place in the metropolis.

Residents of tiny island on the Thames say they feel like they're 'on holiday' as they ban members of the public from visiting and kayak down the river for their daily exercise.

While many of us crave outdoor space where we can exercise without fear of picking up a Covid-19 infection, these lucky London dwellers are spending lockdown with the Thames on their doorstep.   

One of the capital's floating communities, Taggs Island is tucked away from the city on a peaceful stretch of the river in Moseley, in south west London.

A close-knit community, the urban oasis houses just over 100 residents living on around 60 houseboats - with some 40 on the shoreline and around 20 in the central lagoon. Although living on a river may not float everyone's boat, residents are grateful to live on Taggs Island as they follow the government's lockdown guidelines and stay at home. 

Houses are not permitted to be built on Taggs Island, but each houseboat has a small garden, with vehicle access by a road bridge near Hampton Court Palace.

During the lockdown, residents of the island have put up signs discouraging tourists and members of the public from exercising there.

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