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Vodka Made From CO2 And Water

Just thinking about the climate crisis can make you reach for a stiff drink. A young New York startup offers the chance to do so emissions-free.

The vodka from Air Company only has two ingredients: CO2 and water. Or, as the website puts it: only air, water and sun. During the same process, equally remarkably, the company accidently discovered that their process could also produce rocket fuel eco-efficiently!

Typically, alcohol is distilled after fermenting fruit or grain. Producing a bottle of vodka made from wheat, for instance, emits about 13 pounds of climate gases that are generated in the growing, harvesting and transporting of the grains. Air Co.’s vodka, by comparison, eliminates as much CO2 as eight trees would, co-founder Gregory Constantine says. He refuses to spill the recipe for proprietary reasons, but the production process essentially uses solar energy to transform CO2 into pure ethanol, not unlike the way plants use photosynthesis to turn CO2 into food.

The patent has won awards from NASA and the United Nations. “Our vodka is even purer than conventional vodka because it has no contamination or byproducts from grains,” co-founder Stafford Sheehan explains. He first managed to transform CO2 into alcohol at Yale where he studied chemistry.


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