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Want to Swim Faster? Try an 'Underwater Bicycle'

French company Seabike has developed a swimming device that looks a bit like a unicycle. And you use your own leg power to zoom through the water.

Woman carrying a Seabike
Getting ready to go Seabiking | Seabike

The idea is simple enough; you extend the Seabike's pole to the appropriate length, then strap it to your waist with a belt. Then you find the pedals with your feet, and start turning the crank, with the waist strap to push against. The propeller then boosts your swimming speed - a bit like having your own outboard motor.

You can glide along the surface or go fully underwater and make like a pedal-powered fish. It's fully compatible with a SCUBA setup if you want to really go nuts down there.

Propellers work both ways, too - so you can pull yourself along instead, if you wish. You simply hold the propeller out in front of you, stick some handles on in place of the pedals, and drive the thing with your arms. Mind you, this doesn't look quite as much fun.

In an age where everything is going electric, something so simple and mechanical is a welcome change. Tempted? Seabike has been making these devices for a year or so, with prices starting at €290 (US$310). You can watch a promo video below...


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