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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Here are OGN's favourite finalists in this year's competition (the 58th) staged by London's Natural History Museum. Winners will be announced on 11 October and an exhibition of the 100 award-winning shots will open at the Natural History Museum on 14 October

Frogs in Costa Rica
A rare breeding frenzy of frogs in Costa Rica | Brandon Guell/Wildlife photographer of the year

Fish in Finland
Fish floating amidst algae growth in Finland | Tiina Tormanen/Wildlife photographer of the year

Red deer stag in a snow storm
Red deer stag standing majestically as the snow falls in Richmond Park, London | Joshua Cox/Wildlife photographer of the year

Coconut octopus
Coconut octopus peeking out of its clamshell in Indonesia | Samuel Sloss/Wildlife photographer of the year

southern right whale
Young southern right whale off New Zealand | Richard Robinson/Wildlife photographer of the year

White-throated dippers
White-throated dippers arguing over the best spot beside a river in Finland | Heikki Nikki/Wildlife photographer of the year


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