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Winners of Travel Photographer of the Year

Enjoy a selection of gorgeous, uplifting images.

The incredibly high standard of entries for Travel Photographer of the Year, says the award's website, continued in 2023, and we would like thank all our entrants for supporting us, together with our fantastic judging panel, who gave so much of their time to select the winners.

The winning images in the annual Travel Photographer of the Year contest have been revealed. AndreJa Ravnak from Slovenia scooped the top prize for a portfolio of photographs that included this serene shot of misty hills near the Tuscan town of Pienza. Scroll on to see half a dozen of OGN's favourite images from the competition.

Tuscan villa on a misty hilltop
Credit: AndreJa Ravnak | TPOTY

Lake Shirakawa, Japan
Lake Shirakawa, Japan | Credit: Kazuaki Koseki | TPOTY

Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland
Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland | Credit: Armand Sarlangue | TPOTY

Running oryx, Namib desert
Running oryx, Namib desert | Credit: Sergey Gorshkov | TPOTY

Great heron in Marsh Creek State Park in PA
Great heron in Marsh Creek State Park in PA | Credit: Lilly Zhang | TPOTY

Fox cubs in Alberta, Canada
“The kits were out playing when they paused and were distracted by a raven flying overhead. The foxes were backlit by the setting sun that was filtering through the trees.” Alberta, Canada | Credit: Donna Feledichuk | TPOTY

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