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Last Week's Top Trio of Upbeat News Stories

Three of last week's most popular (and amusing) articles, plus the most watched mood boosting video.

Neon sign saying: Good News Only

Retro Head-Turner: Check out this sensibly priced, cute, ultra-compact sporty all-electric convertible.

Clever Device: Loving Indian teen creates gadget for grandma that may help transform dementia care.

Today's Articles

What Went Right Last Week: Synopsis of all the good news from around the world.

Uncanny: Stories of the truly remarkable homing abilities of dogs.

Painting Resurfaces: Gustav Klimt painting that vanished for almost a century, now valued at $50m, has reappeared in Vienna.

The Good News: Saving the world is cheaper than ruining it. Here's a positive summary of global progress.

Uplifting Images: Winners of Travel Photographer of the Year.

Funny Quotes: A dozen chuckle-worthy quotes by famous people.


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