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Woman Accidentally Wins $10 Million

A California woman's encounter with a rude customer while buying scratch-off tickets ended with her winning $10 million.

Briefcase full of neat bundles of $100 bills

LaQuedra Edwards said she put $40 into a Lottery Scratchers vending machine at a Vons Supermarket in Los Angeles County. While she was about to start selecting which tickets she wanted, "some rude person" bumped into her. What happened next is almost too incredible to believe.

The physical impact of the stranger bumping into her caused her to accidentally push the wrong number on the machine. Down dropped a $30 ticket that she had no intention of buying.

"He just bumped into me, didn't say a thing and just walked out the door," Edwards recalled.

She was irritated not only because of the person who bumped her, but also because she had spent 75 percent of her Lottery money on one ticket, instead of being able to buy her usual selection of cheaper-priced favorites. But that feeling didn't last long.

Once she was in her car, she started scratching the $30 ticket – the one she was literally pushed into buying – and discovered she'd just won the game's top prize of $10 million.

In a further twist of good luck, the Vons store where Edwards “accidentally” won her fortune got a $50,000 bonus just for selling the winning ticket - the one Edwards had no intention of buying!


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