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World’s First Wooden Wind Turbine Blades

The world’s first wooden wind turbine blades have been installed in Germany. Remarkably, they produce 78 percent fewer CO2 emissions during construction and reduce production costs by 20 percent compared to current turbine blades.

Wooden wind turbine blades
Credit: Voodin Blade Technology

Designed and manufactured by Voodin Blade Technology, a German pioneer in wind turbine blade manufacturing, the laminated veneer lumber blades are a more sustainable construction material than current materials and allows for easier recycling of decommissioned blades.

While many wind turbine blades are buried underground at the end of their useful lives, there are increasing efforts to make them recyclable. Indeed, Voodin’s laminated veneer lumber offers a completely biodegradable wind turbine blade - they could revolutionise the circularity of the wind energy industry.

Wooden turbine blade in the factory
Credit: Voodin Blade Technology

The first 19.3-metre wooden blades have been installed on an existing wind turbine in Germany, and the company is also building new prototypes for 60-metre and 80-metre-blades.

So, are they any good? As yet another benefit of laminated veneer lumber, the blades are even more durable than currently used composite materials, able to survive in even the toughest conditions of onshore energy production, reports RenewEconomy.

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