World’s Largest Aero-Engine

Rolls-Royce's UltraFan will be the world’s largest aircraft engine, with its fan measuring 11 feet (3.5 m). That's good news for two reasons...

In a bid to help redefine sustainable air travel in the coming years, Rolls-Royce has announced that it has started constructing what will be the world’s largest aircraft engine with the fan measuring 11 feet (3.5 m) wide.

The engine will deliver a 25 percent fuel efficiency improvement compared with the first generation of the Trent engine, which is important to achieving aviation sustainability. This improved efficiency will provide a smoother transition to more sustainable fuels. The engine will run on 100 percent Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

It will also be the basis for a potential new family of UltraFan engines, powering both narrowbody and widebody aircraft.

More on the sustainability front, the engine will have a new Advance 3 core architecture to deliver maximum fuel burn efficiency and low emissions. Its advanced ceramic matrix composite components will operate more effectively in high-pressure turbine temperatures.

Rolls-Royce states that the engine will be complete by the end of the year.

It's a big investment in the future of engine technology, with both the British and German governments supporting the project.


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