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World's Most Expensive Speeding Ticket

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

One of Finland's richest men has been handed an eye-watering £104,000 ($130,000) speeding fine by police. Anders Wiklof, 76, was caught doing 51mph in a 30mph zone along a road on the Aland islands, an autonomous archipelago in the Baltic Sea that is part of Finland.

Why so much? Well, Finland penalises speeding motorists by fining them based on their income - meaning the multi-millionaire was required to pay a fine equal to 14 days of income, which the court calculated to be a whopping £104,000.

Anders Wiklof behind the wheel of his Bentley
Anders Wiklof | Instagram

Alongside his hefty fine, Wiklof has his driving license suspended for ten days. It's not the first time the businessman, who founded his company Wiklof Holding in 1987, has been fined. In 2013, he was fined £80,000 ($100,000) after he was caught doing 47mph in a 30mph zone and in 2018 he faced a £54,900 ($68,000) bill. This makes his known total of lifetime speeding fines to £238,900 ($297,000). But, wait for it...

Finland is not the only country to calculate fines based on an offender's income and the speed at which they are driving. Switzerland does the same. And, whilst you may think that Wiklof's fine of £104,000 sounds expensive, it pales into relative insignificance against the most expensive fine ever handed out by police.

In 2010, a Swedish driver, 37, was fined a whopping 1.08 million Swiss francs (£957,000 / $1.2 million) in what is believed to be the largest speeding fine in the world. The Swedish driver, whose Mercedes had a disconnected speedometer, was caught doing 125mph in a 20mph zone.

The man's Mercedes SLS AMG was impounded along with his driving licence after he was caught in Switzerland racing between Bern and Lausanne.

Like Finland, Switzerland calculates the level of the fine according to a person's income.

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