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World’s Most Powerful Women 2023

As ever, this year's Forbes Power List was determined by four main metrics: money, media, impact and spheres of influence. And even Barbie got a mention.

For political leaders, Forbes weighed gross domestic products and populations; for corporate chiefs, revenues, valuations and employee counts. Media mentions and social reach were scrutinised for all. The result: 100 women who are shaping the policies, products and political fights that define our world.

Starting at the end of the list, Barbie takes the No. 100 spot. This is a spot that Forbes allocates every year to a figure that’s not the traditional image of power but one who has, nonetheless, come to define a year. And there's no doubting that!

Early in 2023, the ranks of significant female political leaders thinned. Sanna Marin, Jacinda Ardern and Nicola Sturgeon either lost or relinquished their jobs running Finland, New Zealand and Scotland. And, in the tech arena, Susan Wojcicki stepped down as YouTube CEO after nine years at the helm. But as summer came around, the numbers swelled again - at least in the worlds of commerce. For example, Robyn Grew (in at No. 83) became the first woman to lead the Man Group, a massive hedge fund whose name unintentionally calls out the current gender composition of the sector. U.S. Army veteran Debra Crew (in at No. 79) took the helm of alcohol giant Diageo, becoming another of around 20 female CEOs at the 100 largest companies on the London Stock Exchange.

Forbes decided that the trio of women pictured below should take the top slots.

1: Ursula von der Leyen | President, European Commission, European Union.

2: Christine Lagarde | President, European Central Bank.

3: Kamala Harris | Vice President, United States.

Giorgia Meloni, Italy's Prime Minister came in at fourth and Taylor Swift took fifth spot.

For the full list, see Forbes' World's Most Powerful Women

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