Write Here Write Now

Share the love! The Canadian government is sending every citizen a free pre-paid postcard for them to then send on to someone who would really, really appreciate it.

According to the government postal agency, it will send 13.5 million postcards to households across the country as part of its “Write Here Write Now” campaign to promote well-being during the pandemic.

"Meaningful connection is vital for our emotional health, sense of community and overall well-being," Doug Ettinger, president and CEO of Canada Post, said in a statement. "Canada Post wants everyone to stay safe, but also stay in touch with the people who matter to them."

There will be six versions of the distributed postcards all featuring messages of appreciation, love, and thanks. Residents are encouraged to fill theirs out and send them to a friend or family member they are missing. The cards can be sent free of charge anywhere in the country.

When you’re feeling lonely or isolated, something as simple as a card or phone call from a loved one can make all the difference in your day. OGN applauds this Canadian innitiative to help spread a little love and support.



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