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Amazing New Keyboard

If you like your keyboards all fancy-like, we defy you to find one fancier than this glass keyboard with an interactive video display underneath it. It's called the Centerpiece by Finalmouse, and it's as wild as they come.

Centrepiece keyboard by Finalmouse

Most keyboards, as we all know, tend to be monochrome - generally black. Or a crisp white if you're a Mac user. Those days are soon to be long gone and will, hopefully, inspire mainstream keyboard manufacturers to upgrade the look (and variety of options) of the humble keyboard.

Enter Centrepiece by Finalmouse. Within its anodized aluminum case, engraved to look like something an elf might have forged in Middle Earth (if it had made it as far as the information age), sits a fully transparent set of keys. And beneath these keys lies a full colour screen, driven by a built-in computer and graphics processor.

This screen runs interactive visuals, so you can have little koi fish swimming under your keyboard and slipping away from your fingers. Or the keys can explode dramatically as you type; that's got to inspire you to choose your keystrokes carefully. Or, well, you can pretty much have whatever you want going on in there, if you design it yourself and upload it to the app.

Finalmouse says it's "completely gamer-proof" and "able to withstand intense abuse," a pairing of phrases that offers some sad insight into the world we live in.

It plugs in with a single USB-C cable, and its built-in processing places zero load on your computer. It'll be available sometime early next year, at a price of US$349.

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