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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

As Flock of North Korean Missiles Return to the Sea.

This ghastly pandemic has wreaked havoc on civilisation as we know it, but a few pockets of environmental beauty such as the majestic Himalayas becoming visible from the Punjab, the smog clearing in Milan to reveal the Alps, and a flock of rarely spotted North Korean rockets in the Sea of Japan have combined to offer a scintilla of optimism amid the doom and gloom.

“There hasn’t been a sighting of short-range cruise missiles in the sea here for, wow, months at least,” said one excited South Korean twitcher.

“And then this morning we spotted a whole flock of them in the sky, before gracefully splashing down in the sea. It was truly a sight to behold.”

Many believe that the Covid-19 outbreak may have allowed the spectacular North Korean missiles to take to the sky again, without fear of encountering natural predators such as international scorn or sanctions.

Others believe that because North Korea has miraculously been spared from even a single case of Coronavirus thanks to the quick-thinking ingenuity of its leader Kim Jong-Un, the natural birth-rate of ICBMs with nuclear capabilities are finally reaching their beautiful potential.

Either way, the eyes of the world now turn to North Korea and its incredible fleet of missiles, for a wonderful distraction from Covid-19 and a glimpse of hope that nuclear Armageddon might soon come and relieve us all of this madness.

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