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Baby Snatched Away in Tornado is Found Safe in a Tree

Even when all hope seems lost, miracles can still happen. Just ask the Moore family, whose 4-month-old baby survived a tornado in extraordinary circumstances.

Baby called Lord from Tennessee
Credit: Caitlyn Moore | GoFundMe

The baby, called Lord, was inside his bassinet when a tornado ripped through the roof of his parents' mobile home in Tennessee, picking up the child. “The tip of the tornado came down and picked up the bassinet with my baby, Lord, in it,” Sydney Moore, the boy's mother, told local news station WSMV. “He was the first thing to go up.”

Once the tornado passed, they were able to escape the rubble and the surrounding scene of absolute devastation. They immediately started looking for Lord, terrified of what might have happened to him.

Searching through the wreckage, they feared the worst. But then, they spotted a familiar sight - the bassinet, in what Moore described “like a little tree cradle.” Inside was baby Lord, with only minor cuts and bruises. “We are told that he looked like he was placed on the tree gently. Like an angel guided him safely to that spot,” said Moore's sister Caitlyn.

Once the family was reunited, it came time to make sense of their surroundings. Their home and car were completely destroyed - they lost everything. While the mom and her children only had minor injuries, the father had a broken arm and shoulder.

To get them on their feet again, a GoFundMe campaign was launched by Moore's sister and, happily, has just met its goal of raising $100,000 with contributions from over 2,000 people.


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