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Daily Happy News

If you're struggling to cope with the daily news that's pumped into your life by mainstream media, you'll be pleased to discover that OGN only publishes daily happy news.

Every day, Only Good News Daily publishes an upbeat bundle of happy news which we call good news nuggets. This might include items like the remarkable recovery of an endangered animal species, extraordinary acts of kindness, happy news about the environment, recommendations on how to improve your health and wellbeing, important innovations, remarkable cultural discoveries, technology breakthroughs and, well, anything that would be considered as happy news.

It's simple, now that you've found OGN Daily, to enjoy a daily positive injection of happy news. Just sign up to get daily happy news delivered by email every day or bookmark this website and come back whenever you feel the need to brighten your day.

On the subject of happiness, did you know that the United Nations publishes a world happiness index every year? Or that there's a Museum of Happiness in Denmark? Or that ukeireru is the Japanese mindset that may be key to your happiness? Or that the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan doesn't judge success by GDP, but by Gross National Happiness?

The team at OGN very much hope you will enjoy the daily happy news that we publish.


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