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Double Decker Bus is Home

Want a lakeside home of your own for twenty grand? This couple did it.

Charlie MacVicar, 26, and Luke Walker, 27, decided to live in a vehicle to avoid the large mortgage burden of a real house. After careful research, the English couple finally decided to buy a London double-decker, Go-Ahead London Volvo Plaxton bus.

With the help of their families, friends, and professionals, Charlie and Luke managed to fully convert the bus in one year. On the ground floor, their new home has a roomy kitchen with a guest/living room, a desk, a bathroom. On the first floor of the bus they put a bathroom and a bedroom.

Since Charlie’s dad owned land in Essex, England, that she and Luke could live on, they considered multiple ideas on how to make use of it, but eventually got themselves a double-decker bus to have more space.

The couple paid £2,500 for the bus and they spent an additional £15,000 for the renovations. Almost everybody, at some point, dreams of living out in the countryside. If you can't afford a $100,000 Airstream, why not opt for an iconic, yet redundant London bus?

“We love living here and the freedom it gives us,” Charlie said. “I believe it was completely worth it, and honestly, it’s the best thing me and my boyfriend have done.”

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