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Family Discovers Huge Dinosaur Footprints

Could a family's evening stroll along a beach get any more exciting than this?

Dinosaur footprint on East Sussex beach
Credit: Vicky Ballinger / SWNS

Last week, Vicky Ballinger and her two kids were stunned by the sight in East Sussex, on England's south coast, after high tides and heavy rains had worn away the sand, exposing the rock underneath.

The stretch of coast from Bexhill-on-Sea to Fairlight is already well known for discoveries of track casts and prints of dinosaurs, but “I grew up in Bexhill and I’ve never seen these ones before,” says Vicky. “I believe they are iguanodon footprints. They’re not T-rex tracks (because) they weren’t in England.”

Child looking at a dinosaur footprint
Credit: Vicky Ballinger / SWNS

The Bexhill site dates back to around 140 million years ago and contains the remains of dinosaurs that used to roam in the freshwater surroundings of the period. But, as Vicky says: "It's actually quite beautiful to see these amazing dinosaur footprints that my children and I found when we came on a walk," adding: “The kids loved that they could see the track of a dinosaur and walk where it walked. It was very exciting.”

Flush with their new discovery, she went to the local Bexhill Museum with her news, and they’re now investigating the footprints.

The Sussex Express reports that over the years the fossils of several dinosaur species have been found including Iguanodon, Megalosaurus, Baryonyx, Polacanthus and the tooth of a Velociraptor-type animal, many of which are on display at Bexhill Museum.

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