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Only Good News Thursday

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

What better way to start the day than with some uplifting news nuggets?

Aussie Clean Energy

Solar is now regularly out-competing coal on the Australian grid in winter, and it's happening earlier every year. In the process, the country's coal power has been revealed as neither cheap nor reliable. Next big milestone should arrive in a few years, when wind and solar are producing 100 percent of grid demand at any one time, says Renew Economy.

Red panda
Symbol of Hope

Since Disney Pixar released the animated feature film Turning Red earlier this year, interest in red pandas has blossomed. This is excellent news for the species since they’re classed as endangered. Currently, fewer than 2,500 remain in the wild. Any attention and support that the species can garner are helpful in protecting and conserving these adorable mammals. Well, red panda fans have even more reason to celebrate - the Paradise Wildlife park in Hertfordshire UK has welcomed the birth of a real-life endangered red panda cub, and Little Red’s birth is considered a “symbol of hope” for the species’ survival.


It is a landing, certainly, but not just any landing. It refers to that small landing at the top of a flight of stairs where you have to turn and take another flight of stairs whether going up or down.

Autumnal leaves


Princeton just announced it will cover tuition for students from families making less than $100,000. It was the first university to replace loans with grants, and now 25 percent of its undergraduates won’t pay anything to attend.

Reappearing in NY

New York’s waterways are the cleanest they’ve been in over a century and the animals are coming back, reports the Economist. Significant numbers of humpback, fin and right whales have started appearing along with bottlenose dolphins, spinner and hammerhead sharks, seals, blue crabs, seahorses, and oysters which vanished decades ago.

Cup of coffee
Not First Thing

While it may be tempting to drink coffee the moment you get out of bed, a study from the University of Bath in south west England, and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, suggests that may not be the best idea. Apparently, when you drink a strong coffee first thing in the morning, you impair the body’s glucose response. This limits your body’s ability to effectively tolerate sugar in breakfast and can affect overall metabolic and blood sugar control, especially if you slept badly the night before. In the study, those who drank coffee after having breakfast didn’t suffer from such blood sugar problems, suggesting it’s wiser for you to avoid drinking coffee before you eat.

Quote of the Day

“We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them.” Albert Einstein

On this Day

15 September 1821: Central American notables accepted a plan drafted by the Mexican caudillo Agustín de Iturbide that brought independence from Spain to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


Mood Booster

Playing the impossible on guitar - pretty impressive stuff!


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