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Good News Saturday

Updated: Jan 14

Celebrating the start of the weekend with an upbeat bundle of positive news nuggets.

Elvis Presley, 1958
Elvis Presley | Wikipedia
Elvis in the Building

The King of Rock' n' Roll will once again be seen by a new generation of fans, this time in hologram form. Following on from the trailblazing success of Abba Avatar, Elvis Presley is getting the futuristic treatment in Elvis Evolution, an "immersive concert experience" using artificial intelligence and holographic projection, which will debut in London in November, with additional shows scheduled for Las Vegas, Tokyo and Berlin. The technology will create a life-size digital Elvis to perform his famous songs and moves. Tickets for the London show go on sale in June.

New Copilot button on Microsoft keyboard
New Copilot button | Miscrosoft
Keyboard Upgrade

Microsoft’s keyboards are to get their biggest update in 30 years with the addition of a new artificial intelligence (AI) button. The computer giant said it would be adding the new button to keyboards from later this year. Tapping the “Copilot” key will bring up a chatbot screen on new Windows laptops, which will respond to written questions or search requests from the user. Copilot, the name of Microsoft’s AI chatbot, can be used to write emails, generate images or control the PC’s settings, as well as answer questions in plain English.



Neighbour calls out an hilarious mistake with misguided landscaping trend on his block, saying "I laugh every time I walk past." One of the primary selling points of artificial turf is that it is supposed to be low-maintenance while staying green year-round. That appeal ceased to exist in this particular instance after someone took a lawn mower to the turf and realized their blunder when it was too late. While trimming fake grass was a crucial error, the first mistake was having it installed in the first place (for both aesthetic and environmental reasons).

Sign of the Times

​Illinois has introduced a raft of new state laws for 2024, including a ban on semi-automatic weapons with features like restricted gun capacities and mandatory registration for previously purchased guns. Another change includes a prohibition on state funding for libraries that indiscriminately ban books.

Phone Satellite

SpaceX deploys first Starlink satellites with direct-to-smartphone capabilities; company says it will work with carriers to expand coverage, complementing its space-based Wi-Fi service, reports SpaceNews.


"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." TS Eliot

On This Day

6 January 1912: Geophysicist and meteorologist Alfred Wegener presents his controversial theory of continental drift in a lecture at the Geological Association (Geologischen Vereinigung) in Frankfurt, Germany.


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